Ethereum: historical developer Stephan Tual slams the door

One less soldier for Ethereum – Since its launch in 2015, the network Ethereum has evolved enormously. It has in turn been the cradle of the emergence of innovations such as decentralized finance or NFTs. However, some early members no longer recognize themselves in these developments. This is the case of developer Stephan Tual, who decided to break away from the Ethereum project.

Stephan Tual announces that he is leaving the Ethereum project

On August 15, Stephan Tualan early developer of the Ethereum network has announced that it is definitely leaving the project.


Thus, he explained his motivations in a long open letter published on Reddit.

He explains that he was the target of harassment in various forms following his involvement in the defunct Ethereum DAO.

“In my own case, the harassment included: death threats, hacking attempts on my family members, including my minor children (at the time), trespassing and even multiple break-in attempts. »

Moreover, Stephan Tual explains no longer find the values ​​initially carried by the ecosystem of Ethereum.

“Since August 15, 2022, the blockchain has turned into a circus of centralized NFTs, endless Ponzi schemes, illegal securities or minions who pledge loyalty to the nearest regulator. I don’t recognize myself in this space, not even a little. »

Therefore, he made the decision to “dedicate my life to other subjects”. More precisely, it will return to its first love: liberation technologies.

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Stephan Tual: his link with “The DAO”

Stephan Tual was part of the first wave of developers interested in the idea of ​​Ethereum. Thus, in June 2014, he published the first video which explains in detail what Ethereum is.

Obviously, the latter will continue to follow the project closely throughout its launch in 2015. Shortly after, he becomes the project’s commercial manager and community manager.

Subsequently, he left the Ethereum Foundation to co-found the project It is notably through this project that it will resume service for Ethereum.

“ was a traditional software consulting company that, in a desire to give back to the community, took it upon itself to write and make available a free open source framework based on Vitalik Buterin’s white paper for anyone can modify, launch and operate DAOs as they see fit. »

In practice, this framework will be used by Auryn McMillan, Felix Albert and their team to create the first Ethereum DAO: The DAO. The rest is now history.

Indeed, a flaw made it possible to carry out a so-called re-entrancy attack on the DAO’s smart contract. This resulted in the loss of all funds.

“A flaw in the Ethereum programming language, called a “re-entrancy attack”, caused the failure of the “DAO” created by this community. A hacker/troll exploited a re-entrancy attack that still plagues Ethereum-based projects today. The ETH of “THE DAO” were siphoned in “under DAO”, and NOT in the account of the “hacker”, and was therefore not stolen: it was vandalized. »

Quickly, part of the community will consider Stephan Tual and as responsible for the hack of The DAO. Some will even go so far as to accuse Stephan Tual of being the hacker of The DAO. A situation that will lead to years of harassment.

In reality, the The DAO hacker was discovered last February. Thus, Laura Shin and the analysis company Chainalysis discovered that it was Toby Hoenisch, founder of the TenX project.

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