“Equip 300 TotalEnergies service stations with High-Power terminals”, announces Maxime Dupas on Tesla Mag

The world is changing and is facing major challenges. Among them, meeting the energy needs of an ever-increasing world population while limiting global warming is undoubtedly one of the most crucial.

As a major energy player, TotalEnergies is committed to the energy transition and is multiplying large-scale projects in this direction. It is in particular the interview with Maxime DUPAS, in charge of the commercial development of charging infrastructures, which allowed us to see more clearly…

This article is also a stepping stone after our report on the site of the 100% electric TotalEnergies station inaugurated in La Défense in May 2021.

Focus on TotalEnergies

It is a global multi-energy company producing and supplying energy: oil and biofuels, natural gas and green gases, renewables and electricity. Its 105,000 employees are committed to energy that is ever more affordable, cleaner, more reliable and accessible to as many people as possible.

Present in more than 130 countries, TotalEnergies incorporates sustainable development in all its dimensions at the heart of its projects and operations to contribute to the well-being of populations. TotalEnergies’ ambition is carbon neutrality by 2050. The company is therefore committed to exploiting 100 GW of electricity from renewable sources worldwide by 2030.

The idea is to promote the development, construction and operation of renewable energies. This is why TotalEnergies presented its multi-energy and multi-service solutions for professional mobility at the Flotauto Paris Meetings. Indeed, the company supports the energy transition with, in particular, its network of electric charging stations.

An ambition for TotalEnergies: to become the benchmark multi-energy player

To do this, massive investments to deploy electric charging infrastructure accessible to individuals and professionals are planned. This desire is reflected in the acceleration of the development of its own high-power charging network (up to 175 kW).

By the end of 2023, the objective is to equip 300 TotalEnergies service stations in High Power charging stations, 200 on the road and motorway network, and 100 electric hubs at strategic locations in and around major urban areas in France.

Service stations are therefore being transformed to “adapt to new uses, such as that of electric mobility”. The company also has Departments in charge of terminals in business and at home.

Concretely, what does the company put in place?

The Company supplies, installs, maintains and supervises charging stations with restricted access in companies and in the homes of employees, as well as with public access on roads and in car parks.

TotalEnergies thus operates the network of Belib’ electrical charging stations in Paris and the largest IRVE (Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure) in France with 505 charging stations in the Saemes car park at La Madeleine-Tronchet in Paris.

The ambition is to offer more globally 4,000 on-street charging points in major French cities by the end of 2023. A substantial amount is therefore dedicated to electricity, there is a “genuine desire to occupy a major place in France” in this sector for the company.

Electric mobility for professionals: the company’s commitment

Innovations that will please professionals:

Fleet card: a single card for all professional vehicles, regardless of their energy

This turnkey solution, market leader with 2.2 million active cards in circulation, is intended for thermal, electric and hybrid professional vehicles.

In France, it gives access to:

  • More than 60,000 electric charging stations available (end of June 2022)
  • 3,500 TotalEnergies service stations
  • 27 CNG service stations (Natural Gas for Vehicles)
  • All TotalEnergies and partner services (parking, tolls, washing, shop at TotalEnergies service stations, tire and glass maintenance at Norauto and Carglass centers)

The Eurotrafic option provides access to a TotalEnergies network and partners in Europe.

Mobility Corporate card: a single card for all business trips

This payment card, accompanied by the My Card application, simplifies the management of all business travel for employees by deleting the expense report. It adds to the TotalEnergies acceptor network and partners 7 new spending universes on the MasterCard network in France and abroad: travel, restaurants, hotels, taxis, public transport, vehicle maintenance and rental.

Mobility Business Portal: centralized management of mobility expenses

All transactions made with Fleet and Mobility Corporate cards are consolidated and analyzed in the Mobility Business portal, which allows the manager to:

  • Manage your cards
  • Monitor and manage your expenses to optimize the TCO (total cost of ownership of the fleet) and the TCM (total cost of mobility)
  • Manage your tax
  • Analyze, through reporting, the data relating to its fleet of vehicles…

REAL more…

However, non-professional consumers are not forgotten:

  • Different models of stations are in place, from complete transformation (all electric) or partial, even hydrogen;
  • The charging points developed are accompanied by associated services;
  • The availability rate is on the rise (adaptability of TotalEnergies).

But also…

Improve energy efficiency, capture and retain carbon

Concretely, TotalEnergies invests in major projects around the world. Significant developments include, for example, the creation of latest-generation solar power plants in South Africa and the United Arab Emirates, research and development projects aimed at converting plant residues into fuels, demonstrating and exploiting the potential of micro-algae in particular to convert CO2 into lipids…

Through the projects carried out, it is also the entire supply chain which has been redesigned to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Acting in favor of the energy transition with consumers

TotalEnergies intends to support the energy transition by remaining close to its customers and their concerns. With this in mind, the Company encourages French households to save energy and reduce their heating consumption while contributing to better preservation of the environment.

With this in mind, through the site All-inclusive energyTotalEnergies facilitates the energy renovation of housing through financial help for the realization of projects of insulation of housing or others allowing to replace its old boiler by less energy-consuming heating systems, based in particular on renewable energies.

Thereby, the Company’s ambitions are real and materialize on a daily basis for consumers, whether they are at service areas or at home.

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