environmentalists want Texas battery factory canceled

Trying Tesla: Environmentalists Want Texas Battery Factory Canceled?

Build your Tesla vehicle: Environmentalists want Texas battery factory canceled or request a free trial.

Tesla’s Texas plant may have its license suspended over environmental concerns. The brand would like to quickly put it into operation.

As in Berlin, Tesla is having difficulty building its Texas battery factory. It is therefore again because of the environmental impact of the infrastructure that the firm must justify itself.

The feeling of déjà vu must therefore be total for the firm of Elon Musk. Indeed, the reasons for these difficulties are the same, with the intervention of environmental associations.

The Austin site for the battery plant will require a lot of water and its consumption in the Colorado River is of concern. The associations have therefore asked the city of Austin to suspend the building permit for the plant.

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“The groups, which include PODER, the Anti-Poverty Project of Texas, Hornsby Bend Alliance and others, demand that the city wait for the company to make commitments to the community to protect the environment before approving the permit. »can we read.

Activists fear that like other industries, like the Teflon deal with DuPont, Tesla is massively polluting the river. “Tesla plans to build a toxic battery cathode factory along the Colorado River”.

The letter expresses concern for “neighborhoods that do not have satisfactory and affordable access to water”. They denounce the fact that “Tesla will receive large amounts of water from the city of Austin”.

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