enough with the Alpine A110?

In August 2020, we announced the acquisition by the Rapid Intervention Brigade (BRI) of the Gendarmerie of a fleet of old SEAT Leon CUPRA. A rather wise choice, because they are catapulted by a cavalry of 300 horsepower and maintained on the tarmac by a 4-wheel drive system, resulting from technologies of the Volkswagen group.
We know them well enough to assure you that they hold the pavement very well, and even at high speed in curves. These CUPRA are good machines, easy to drive at over 200 km/h.

Hence our misunderstanding of the acquisition of new Alpine A110 which, they are built to move the butt in order to offer frank bars of laughter at their wheel, at low speed. Moreover, we had written an article on this subject which explains it quite well.
“Alpine A110 Gendarmerie: how long will it take? »
Well, we got our answer this summer with the first shot of a Alpine gendarmerie on the roof.

One wonders if it is not this photo that gave the idea to the organizers of the Big Car Show to develop an alternative to this thundering Alpine A110. As you will have understood, this police-style Tesla is therefore not official. It is a ” styling exercise according to Guillier Sahuqué Frederick, Donut Events Director, and therefore, organizer of the event on the Le Mans circuit.

The Big Car Show teams searched “ a model that is easy to drive, fast, comfortable and ecological. A car that has not yet passed through the hands of the gendarmerie. […] You can cross off the list Lamborghini, McLaren, Ferrari for ease of handling and ecology, and the Megane RS, Alpine for deja vu. Nevertheless, the chosen one had to have very high performance combined with respect for the environment, while securing the lives of our fellow citizens (exit hydrogen, LPG, fuel cell cars). »
They therefore only had nuclear propulsion and the surface-to-surface missile of the Californian brand of 100% electric car. This Tesla Model S is effectively a catapult, since it pushes its passengers from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds and can reach 307 km/h. Suffice to say that there are very few machines capable of resisting it… unless this machine takes its time by chaining the kilometers, because, like any electric, this Model S Performance does not hold up when it comes to autonomy.

A preview of a light ramp…

The equipment of this Tesla Model S Performance is standard: two-tone horn, front and rear penetration lights, specific sun visor gendarmerie backlit and variable message sign.

The Tesla Gendarmerie is equipped with the brand new Rauwers Valor patented V-shaped light bar. More efficient, this dynamic and powerful light signature ensures optimal visibility when crossing a crossroads, for example. Thus, this ramp can drastically reduce the risk of an accident. The fixing of the ramp is based on a carbon roof made for this occasion.

Féroce Graphic took care of decorating the model with gendarmerie tickets during the event…

Enough to give ideas to the BRI?

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