Elon Musk reveals that the firm had “a difficult quarter”

The difficulties faced by car manufacturers spare no brand. Not even Tesla, which had dodged for a few months to avoid them.

Elon Musk is known for not hiding his intentions or opinions, especially on Twitter. But the Tesla CEO is just as candid with his employees when communicating about the brand.

Thus, the billionaire sent a series of e-mails to motivate his troops, but also to summarize the situation for them. And the latter is not the most comfortable for the Austin firm.

Between shortages and rising costs, automakers are struggling to produce cars. Tesla ran into the same issue, although initial communication from Musk was positive.

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“We build real good products that people love and that make their lives and the world a better place”he wrote. “It’s very deep. It can be felt in your heart. »

“Know that whatever happens in this messy world, you bring good, and I have infinitely more respect for you than for the richest person on Wall Street. »

The factories are still running at full speed

But his second communication is a little less enthusiastic, at least about the current situation. He explains that Tesla is going through a difficult period. He also asks his employees to make an effort so that the company can get through these difficult weeks.

“It was a difficult quarter, mainly due to supply chain and production challenges in China. We must therefore mobilize to recover! »

“I would like to congratulate the team at the Fremont factory for breaking the one-day production record last week, and the team in Berlin for making nearly 1,000 cars last week! These are good numbers. »

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Musk also gives news of the other factories, and in particular of the Chinese Gigafactory. This was stopped after the strict confinement imposed by China because of the Covid-19. But activity has resumed there and the Tesla factories are running at full speed to fulfill the many orders.

This will soon be the case of the Gigafactory Texas which is close to its inauguration, as confirmed by Musk. “Shanghai is returning to full capacity, and Austin is preparing for the opening. On the road to victory ! »he concludes.

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