Elon Musk Reveals Details About Optimus, Tesla’s Android

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A tweet posted on June 3 by the multi-billionaire indeed suggested that a first functional prototype could be presented on September 30, on the occasion of theAI Daythe day of theartificial intelligenceorganized by You’re here. This tweet has since been followed by many other statements and over the course of conferences and presentations, the silhouette ofOptimus began to emerge more and more clearly.

Measuring 1 meter 77, the robot might as well be a human hidden in a jumpsuit and wearing a helmet of the daft-punk. Its body is dressed in white and gray and the upper part of its body, above the shoulders, is covered with a black mesh which probably hides its speakers. Optimus’ face is presented as an elegant smooth surface of deep black, a screen which, when the robot is turned on, will serve asuser interface.

Optimus weighs just over 56 kilos and will have a speed peak speed of 8 km/h, halfway between walking and running. His neck, legs, and arms are mobiles and can be used to transport objects weighing 20 kilos and to lift loads of up to 68 kilos. Well, bad luck, if we are to believe an exchange of tweets between Elon Musk and the Youtuber Dave Lee, the prototype will absolutely not look like the images ofOptimus that have circulated so far. It’s hard to know right now if that’s because it’s in draft stage, because the team has completely overhauled its design, or if it’s just an assertion.airintended to cover their tracks.

“General public” humanoid robots?

What seems more serious is the ad recently penned by Musk for China Cyberspacethe magazine of the administration of the cyberspace Chinese. If that means nothing to you, it is no more and no less than the entity that regulates and censors the Internet in China. Obviously in search of new sources of investment, the CEO of Tesla presents his company as a breeding ground for solutions for a more sustainable future and gives in passing some unpublished details on what he calls the Tesla Bots. In his message, Musk recalls that with his ever more advanced developments in artificial intelligence (AI), but also in technology physical, Tesla is gradually establishing itself as one of the giants of robotics worldwide. And for him, there is only one step to cross between the self-driving cars and robots. If Optimus was designed with legs rather than wheels, he explains, it is because it is intended to replace humans in certain tasks that require a physique and skills close to ours.

He also claims that since our interactions most often take place with people who have two legs, two arms and ten fingers, the Tesla Bot will be able to integrate much better into its environment by taking inspiration from our appearance. Musk announces that this year will mark the launch of the very first prototype, and that the times to come will be devoted to improving its artificial intelligence and the issue of large-scale production.

Surprisingly, he is already showing himself to be optimistic, perhaps confident in his ability to create new fashions. He affirms that ” the usefulness of humanoid robots will increase every year as production increases and costs decrease. In the future, a home robot might be cheaper than a car. Maybe in less than a decade people will be able to buy a robot for their parents as a birthday present. “. An idyllic vision to which few experts are for the moment inclined to lend credit. In addition to the fact that a humanoid robot such as that envisaged by Tesla is particularly complex to design, many are those who wonder how such a product would fit into Tesla’s business model.

The domestic robot market has shown very little promise so far, with the possible exception of the iRobot Roomba. Although it is quite likely to evolve over the years, there is still a considerable way to go between a robot vacuum a few hundred euros and a humanoid robot which we are promised may one day cost less than a car.

So, robots in every home tomorrow or even ten years from now, probably not. But we cannot take away from Tesla that its development efforts are advancing research, and that in the long term, they could contribute to laying the groundwork for the world of tomorrow, a world where robots and humans may live in harmony.

Elon Musk will soon introduce us to his AI and metal humanoid robot Optimus

Article of Edward Backpublished on July 2, 2022

Elon Musk spoke during the Qatar Economic Forum on various topics. One of the quickest, but perhaps most important, touches on his humanoid robot Optimus. The first functional prototype should be ready for presentation at the end of September.

It’s official, Elon Musk has just confirmed it orally: Tesla will present its first humanoid robot equipped with artificial intelligence during the Tesla AI Day scheduled for September 30. The richest man in the world spoke during the Qatar Economic Forum (Qatar Economic Forum), confirming his tweet from early June where he announced the postponement of the event because there might be a prototype by Optimus functional.

The boss of You’re here praised his team ” very talented and indicated that he believed the first working prototype would be ready in time for the end of September. Optimus is about 1.73 meters tall and weighs 56.7 kg. The robot can move at a speed of 8 km/h, lift 68 kilos and carry 20 kilos.

Any surprises planned for September 30?

The robot would contain an AI similar to car autopilot, with cameras in the head, a computer placed in the torso containing neural networks, and a screen in place of the face. Tesla had just put many job offers online in the spring related to the development software of Optimus. It would be intended to operate primarily in the factory to carry out physical work, as well as at home where it could develop a unique personality to match that of the owner.

the Tesla AI Day serve above all to show that the firm is not limited to the car manufacturing and that she would be a pioneer in matter of AI, in the words of Elon Musk. The event could hold some surprises since he said that it would also be about ” other exciting things “.

After space and cars, Elon Musk launches into robots

Tesla is reportedly developing the prototype of an AI-powered humanoid robot skilled enough to replace humans in most of the toughest physical jobs. It could be unveiled next year according to the optimistic timetable announced by Elon Musk.

Article of Louis Nephewpublished on 08/23/2021

electric cars with You’re herespace missions with SpaceXInternet for all via a constellation giant of satellites and now humanoid robots to replace humans in the most arduous physical tasks. Developing a robot prototype is Elon Musk’s intention and he raised this subject precisely during a day dedicated to AI at Tesla (Tesla AI Day). He even plans to present a first prototype called Tesla Bot, next year. What we do know is that instead of the equivalent of a human face, there would be a screen displaying useful information. It would use the same chips as on the You’re here and could move in its environment thanks to a system of eight cameras. These elements would not be different from those found on the brand’s cars. The robot would measure 1.77 meters and weigh 56.6 kilos. It could carry a load of more than 20 kilos and would move at more than 8 km/h. So many details, which show that the preparation of the robot prototype is already well advanced.

A Tesla robot

But Elon Musk’s goal is not just to create a machine, he is counting on it to lead an economic revolution. According to him, the humanoid robot should make it possible to replace physical work, so that it is truly only a choice. With this system, it would be possible to generate a universal basic income according to him. He admits that it is not for tomorrow, because the capacities of robots are still far from those of human tasks. For the moment, they are operational for basic tasks in simple environments, or at home. But with advances in AI, that could change.

Will the boss of Tesla manage to overcome this project as he has done in his other favorite areas? No doubt, but perhaps not in the optimistic timetable he has set himself. For example, the manufacturer is still struggling with the massive deployment of its driving mode autonomous for the Tesla. Its system is also the subject of a security investigation conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration American, due to its involvement in several accidents Traffic.

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