Eating pasta is good for your health

Eating pasta is good for your health

In addition to being simple to prepare, you can vary recipes with pasta, they are rich in fiber and have a low glycemic index. They are a good ally to avoid snacking, keep in shape and snack less.

To not gain weight

Some diets recommend stopping pasta when you want to lose weight. But in reality, starches, which make up pasta, do not induce weight gain, according to a study in the journal Nutrition and Diabetes. The eating habits of 23,000 Italians have been analyzed by the Institute for Clinical Research on Cancers and Blood. According to this research, where people ate pasta in moderation and combined with olive oil, vegetables and fruits, pasta consumption is linked to a low body mass index.

Rich in nutrients

Pasta is rich in magnesium, vitamin B, protein and fiber. The ones that contain the most nutrients are whole pasta and when they are not cooked for too long. They are also the ones with the lowest glycemic index. They provide us with energy and are assimilated more slowly by the body, which limits nibbling.

Rich in fiber

Pasta is also good for intestinal transit. This action is favored by the fact that pasta is rich in fiber. Those that have the most are those with wheat. Again, they must be cooked “al dente”, that is to say a short time.

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