Drivers of electric cars more often involved in accidents

According to a study by the insurer Axa, electric cars are involved in 50% more accidents than thermal cars.

According to a study by the insurer Axa carried out in Switzerland on 1,200 people, “electric car drivers cause 50% more collisions causing damage to their own vehicle than owners of traditional combustion models“. A problem of getting used to these still recent car models, it seems.

Indeed, unlike a thermal car whose acceleration is progressive, electric cars have a faster acceleration (overtapping effect). “Our analyzes show that the main risks appear when not reducing speed, but when accelerating.“, notes the study. “The majority of electric cars, especially powerful models, offer very high torque. Just touch the accelerator to realize it. This can result in involuntary, jerky, uncontrollable acceleration“, she continues. This effect would therefore explain the increase in the number of claims recorded bypowerful electric cars“.

This study reveals another weakness of electric cars: the underbody. This can be damaged if it passes over land or stones. “The underbody seems to be the Achilles heel of these cars, in the absence of additional battery protection there. Drivers need to be aware of this.“says the study. Indeed, if the battery is damaged due to an accident, it could catch fire. Another characteristic noted by the study is the greater weight of electric cars compared to thermal ones. “In the event of a collision, the difference in weight between the vehicles involved is decisive. The lighter vehicle is at a disadvantage, as it experiences a higher energy stress than the heavier vehicle“, describes the study.

Finally, the study undermines a received idea according to which the emergency services would take more risks in the event of an accident involving an electric car. “This fear is unfounded, as the chances of the car still being powered up are very slim.“, she explains. In fact, in the event of an accident, the battery is automatically disconnected from the electrical circuit in a few milliseconds, which makes the operation safe.

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