double price increase for the Model 3, which loses its maximum bonus

Could its advantageous price hold up against winds and tides? We have the answer today. Two years ago, Tesla gave a nice kick in the electric car market by lowering the price of its Model 3 propulsion by €10,000. Result: the sedan found itself in a tariff zone allowing it to benefit from the biggest CO2 bonus, especially in France. Add to that any regional aid and bonuses for the recovery of an old vehicle, and you quickly understand why we are starting to see Model 3 Standard everywhere, especially in large French cities.

Only then, as often with companies in a quasi-monopoly situation, once the market is “captured” for the most part, prices go up. Of course, other factors come into play: the evolution of ranges and equipment, the price of batteries (and therefore of raw materials), and the economic context with the strong tensions on the automotive market. All this therefore leads Tesla to review its prices again. But this time, it affects the most affordable version, namely the Model 3 Propulsion.

Double price hike, loss of big bonus

Some time ago, this entry-level version went from 43,800 to 44,990 €. Tesla then managed to keep the price below the fateful bar of €45,000, which allows you to benefit from the €6,000 bonus on the French market. But that wouldn’t last long. If you go to the configurator today, you will find that the cheapest Tesla has gone up to €46,990. An increase of 2000 € unexplained because in reality inexplicable, for lack of additional equipment.

There remains a double punishment for the Model 3 which previously cost €37,800 with the maximum CO2 bonus. Today, it will take 44,990 € to afford the same Model 3, with the new bonus of 2,000 €, its base price of more than €45,000 depriving it of the €6,000 discount from before.

A shot to play for the Renault Mégane E-Tech?

It didn’t take much for the Volkswagen ID.3 and Renault Mégane E-Tech to regain some of the hair of the beast. Because against them, the Model 3 could boast of being more pleasant to drive, more efficient and benefiting from a large network of fast terminals. Today, the American has almost lost her two unstoppable arguments. The price, first, but also the exclusivity of Superchargers. At 41,700 € (and even 40,200 if you choose the 7 kW charger), the Mégane E-Tech EV60 becomes particularly interesting compared to the Model 3… Unless the French sees its prices soar, too! Nothing is set in stone in these troubled times. But as it stands, counting the bonuses, there is more than €10,000 difference between the Mégane and the Model 3. Do they justify the advantages of the Model 3? We will be able to see this in the coming months by scrutinizing the sales figures of the various protagonists.

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