discover the awesome trick to unlock a cart without token or coin

Regularly, the French men and women take the way to the supermarket to do their shopping. Worry, you don’t have a token or coin allowing you to unlock a cart? And you don’t want to queue at the reception of the store to have the famous sesame?

An unusual method: with a key

No problem, there is a very simple technique to have a trolley in two seconds, without forcing the mechanism. And it is as often, on social networks, that this amazing technique has been unveiled.

In a video, posted on TikTok and Facebook, a woman indicates that she found herself without token as she prepared to shop at Lidl with her four children. Unwilling to wait at the checkout, she used the ” System D and put a round key in the slot of a shopping cart. To his surprise, the click was heard and the cart broke free.

A tip that is very popular with Internet users

Supermarket: The cause? The diameter of the round part of the key is the same as that of a €1 coin. Amazed by this amazing technique, Internet users reacted to this woman’s post. ” I’ve been doing this for a long time, it’s true that it’s practical » ; ” Not bad, I’ll try “, can we see, on Facebook, among the hundreds of comments of this viral video.

Two precautions anyway: you have to be careful not to hurt yourself with the sharp part of the key, while shopping in the store or putting your shopping in the trunk of the car. It is also better to have used a old key, which is no longer needed. It would be unfortunate to find yourself at the door of your home, your arms full of groceries…

Supermarket: other techniques

You should know that other solutions exist to unlock a shopping cart, according to Internet users. Some of them indicated that the key fobs, provided with a tag, were also effective. Still, the most practical option is to always leave un token in his car or purse. Consumers regularly seek out great shopping deals.

It must be said that with inflation, purchasing power has become an important subject. In this context, the Lidl chain of stores is enjoying great success. The reason ? The prices displayed are very interesting. Sometimes there are even long queues. Some products sold are really going to get a big buzz.

In the weeks and months to come, Objeko will not fail to share some good tips with you.

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