Despite the crisis, these three Metavers cryptocurrencies are to be watched in June | Dotmoovs, Metaverses, Polychain Monsters, Star Atlas DAO

As Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to battle with bearish momentum, Metavers cryptocurrencies are also seeing significant price declines. While market conditions look tough, the good news is that if you are looking to invest in virtual real estate or various Metavers/NFT projects, now is a great time to buy the dip. Here is a selection of three Metaverse cryptocurrencies with a market capitalization below $10 million to watch in June.

Polychain Monsters (PMON) – $5.1 million

Launched in March 2021, Polychain Monsters (PMON) is a Pokemon-inspired NFT project and Metavers cryptocurrency that features a classic monster hunter allowing users to collect creatures called Polymons.

The project allows players to purchase booster packs on the platform, each containing a collection of Polymons with unique rarities and attributes. Each booster pack costs 1 PMON (about $1.51), which is quite affordable compared to other similar NFTs in the market.

Users can trade PMON NFTs in the market for fun and profit, and we recommend you take a look at this project if you are a fan of Pokemon-style games and monster hunters.

Polygon is built on Ethereum, compatible with the Polygon chain, and also supports the BNB chain. The project incorporates the play-to-earn model to provide users with the opportunity to earn rewards by completing quests, taking part in battles, and more.

The main utility asset of the platform is the PMON, which allows users to purchase booster packs, participate in its Metaverse, earn rewards, and more.

Dotmoovs (MOOV) – $5.6 million

Launched in June 2021, Dotmoovs (MOOV) is a leading Move-to-earn project. It offers a mobile app platform similar to TikTok, where users can film themselves dancing or performing freestyle football moves.

The platform allows users to compete in dance and freestyle soccer competitions and earn rewards. Each fight is judged by an AI that awards users points based on their moves. All judgments are automatic, eliminating human bias.

Dotmoovs uses artificial intelligence to track the movements of its users through video, making it one of the most unique projects out there. Its current valuation of less than $10 million makes it highly underrated, and since it’s one of the top Move-to-earn apps, we recommend you check it out.

The project experienced incredible price growth in April, when it more than quadrupled. Since then, the bearish momentum of the market has once again driven down the price of its MOOV token.

The MOOV is the main utility asset of the platform, with ERC-20 Ethereum and BEP-20 BNB versions. The MOOV allows users to wager it for rewards and hand it out to users participating in the app.

Star Atlas DAO (POLIS) – $9.7 million

Launched in September 2021, Star Atlas (POLIS) is the governing asset of the highly anticipated space-themed Metavers project, Star Atlas, a Solana-based Metavers game.

Star Atlas builds a grand game of exploration, territorial conquest and political domination, creating a unique and engaging experience for its users. Star Atlas is known to have one of the best designs out there, with amazing graphics, UI, and overall feel.

The game incorporates the popular model “play-to-earn” to allow users to explore planets, complete missions, collect resources and earn rewards in multiple ways.

The platform includes one of the best user interfaces in the market and although its Metaverse is still under development, users can get an idea of ​​the platform by checking out its NFT marketplace.

Star Atlas offers a unique, order-book-style NFT marketplace where users can bid on NFTs, just like on traditional exchanges. This makes it easier to track the prices of different NFTs and get your hands on unique digital assets.

The platform features a dual token economy with the ATLAS utility token and the POLIS governance asset. While ATLAS allows users to purchase NFTs on the platform, POLIS allows holders to vote on proposals initiated by the Star Atlas DAO and shape the direction and future of the Metavers/NFT project.

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