Dead battery locks Tesla driver out of car; the repair costs $26,000

Tesla Model S Eco Car
Tesla Model S | Photo: Tesla
  • Canadian Mario Zelaya says he can no longer open the doors of his 2013 Model S

  • The high voltage battery has failed due to a known issue

  • Tesla’s cost for a new battery is $26,000

Many Tesla owners have complained about various quality issues and high service costs over the past few years, but today a Canadian Model S owner faces a $26,000 repair bill .

Worse still, 2013 Model S owner Mario Zelaya claims he is now locked out of his car due to a failing high-voltage battery.

A dead battery does not normally prevent doors from being opened, but the Tesla Model S uses electronic door handles that retract to be flush with the body when the vehicle is locked.

According to him, this type of problem is quite common since the first versions of the Model S until 2014 may have a known problem where fluid from the air conditioning system can seep into the battery pack, causing it to fail.

There has never been a recall for the problem, either in Canada or the United States, but Mr. Zelaya says he contacted Transport Canada, which apparently investigated the problem with his vehicle.

Zelaya says he is aware of another similar case where the battery in an older Model S failed due to liquid contamination and he says the automaker is keeping owners in the dark about the causes of the incident or possible solutions.

In his case, Mr Zelaya was presented with a $26,000 bill for a new battery by his Tesla service center so he could drive his vehicle again.

Not wanting to spend so much on a 9-year-old vehicle, he decided to sell it, but not before having to ask for a copy of his registration and insurance papers since the originals are still locked in the box. broken down sedan gloves.

Zelaya claims he will never buy a Tesla vehicle again and he’s not the only one unhappy with Elon Musk’s business as a group of Tesla drivers in Norway recently staged a hunger strike to bring their complaints to the attention of the CEO.

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