De Jong clan slams Barca’s pressure and lie over irregular contract story

Frenkie de Jong doesn’t seem to want to leave Barca or reduce his salary during the summer transfer window. While he is being pushed out by the Catalan club, his clan even accused the Blaugrana management of putting pressure on him about his supposedly irregular contract.

A time close to signing for Manchester United or Chelsea, Frenkie de Jong does not seem thrilled at the idea of ​​​​leaving Barça during the summer transfer window. Problem, the Catalan club still hopes to sell him or convince him to lower his salary in order to register several recruits and advance in the Bernardo Silva file. So much so that the Blaugrana management, as revealed on Monday by the site The Athletic, sent the player a letter to report irregularities in his contract during the month of July.

But rather than deciding to leave, Frenkie de Jong would have perceived this letter as a pressure from Barça. Contacted by ESPN, “a source close” to the mid-25-year-old denied any legal problem with the Batavian’s contract. On the contrary, the player’s entourage sees it as a way to force his hand with a view to a transfer or a reduction in his emoluments.

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No problem with his contract for the De Jong clan

On the side of Catalonia, we assure that the management has a legal means to cancel the last contract signed by Frenkie de Jong with the Catalan entity then chaired by Josep Maria Bartomeu. But obviously the Dutch clan does not intend to give in to Barça’s demands, neither for a transfer nor for a drop in salary.

ESPN does not fail to recall that the date, in July, of the letter sent by the Barcelona club coincides with the period when the Catalans seemed on the way to reaching an agreement around 85 million euros with Manchester United for the sale of Frenkie de Jong.

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A departure from the Dutch international with 44 selections would have solved a majority of Barça’s economic problems vis-à-vis the budget ceiling set by La Liga.

After several weeks of uncertainty around the former playing master of Ajax Amsterdam, Joan Laporta finally backtracked, saying that the club wanted to keep him and that the midfielder wanted to stay. Less than a month from the end of the transfer window, the summer soap opera around Frenkie de Jong does not seem to be about to end.

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