dangerous bug triggers massive new recall

The 2022 Tesla Model 3 and Y sold in Germany are likely to be recalled. These vehicles are in fact equipped with an eCall emergency function which allows emergency services to be called automatically after an accident. But a software bug would prevent the eCall system from contacting the emergency services after a crash. According to Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt, the problem affects 59,129 vehicles worldwide. It is understood that all the vehicles concerned were produced at the Gigafactory in Berlin.

This new software bug falls badly, for several reasons. First, this is not the first time that the brand has been subject to a recall in recent months due to problems with the infotainment system and other software bugs. Three of Tesla’s 11 recalls so far this year are related to such bugs. Overall, the quality of manufacturing at Tesla and other automakers has dropped significantly in 2021. But it must be said that the sector is hit by unprecedented difficulties.

Germany calls for recall of tens of thousands of Teslas

First, there is the resumption of confinement in China, where Tesla has a factory. But also, on the whole, the disruptions of the global supply chain which created great difficulties for all manufacturers. Elon Musk claimed a few days ago that Tesla was on the brink of disaster as factories in Berlin and Shanghai struggled to meet production targets amid problems at Chinese ports and chronic shortages of batteries, among other components. – a real financial haemorrhage.

Overall, it is the manufacturers of electric cars that are most affected by these difficulties. However, we can hope that the logistical pressure will eventually ease, even if the international context is still very uncertain. Electric vehicles are in increasing demand amid the climate and energy crisis. The war in Ukraine has worsened this already tense situation, pushing even more people to buy electric cars.

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Consequently, it is sometimes necessary to wait a year before receiving a new car. A time needed to collect all the spare parts (or almost) and assemble the vehicle.

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