Cryptos: Wladimir van der Lann, No. 1 in Bitcoin Core for 8 years, slams the door

BRIEF // Wladimir van der Lann, who had been at the head of Bitcoin Core — the software behind bitcoin — since 2014, has decided to leave the project. Commenting on this decision on Twitter, he said to be “exhausted” and “stress“.

A page is turning for bitcoin: Wladimir van der Lann, head of Bitcoin Core – the open source software behind the famous cryptocurrency – since 2014, announced leaving the ship on August 8.

Even though the software is modifiable by anyone who wishes, there is a hierarchy within Bitcoin Core and Wladimir Van Der Lann was at the top of it as the lead developer. His departure follows that of number 2, Pieter Wuille, who left the project in July.

On Twitter, the one whose biography now includes the description “ex-Bitcoin Core“, explains his choice: “I think that he is [bientôt] time for me to move on“. Wladimir van der Lann further said to himself “exhausted” and “stress“, and indicates having “many other interests“.

It is therefore the end of an adventure for the one who will have remained at the head of the company for 8 years and will have seen the price of bitcoin go from a hundred euros in 2014 to more than 20,000 today. .

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