Cryptocurrency: the way to make the most money?

The crypto sector enjoys a great deal of freedom. Few regulations, few frameworks. Caution is therefore required, beware of scams. Many unscrupulous organizations offer fake cryptocurrencies with unlikely returns.

Another disadvantage, the capital gains made using cryptocurrencies can be subject to taxes. A professional trader will be taxed at 50%. An investor considered to be a speculator, who takes risks and bets on price fluctuations, will be taxed at 33%. On the other hand, if you invest your money as a “good father”, with the aim of making it grow, but playing it safe and betting on the long term, your profits will not be subject to taxes. It will therefore not be necessary to declare your earnings.

Of the extra charge are also requested for the use of the network or the commissions of banks and online platforms, for example. It is also possible to convert your cryptocurrencies into euros, and vice versa, but be careful, conversion is not free. The exchange rate is not fixed. It tracks the course of the cryptocurrency that the investor wants to trade. This operation generates transaction fees. Despite this, investing in cryptocurrencies can still bring in a lot of money.

If digital currencies are known today for their speculative aspectsome see them as future money. They make it easier, faster, cheaper and more secure to pay. They have many advantages over traditional currencies.

Worldwide, more than 200 million people hold cryptocurrency. In total, when writing this article, the market weighs 2,000 billion dollars.

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