adopts Google Pay and opens the door to faster payments

  • has announced that Google Pay has been added as a payment method for faster and more secure payments.
  • Since the announcement of the suspension of Netflix and Spotify benefits on its Visa card, the platform has been criticized on social networks.
  • Cronos price is preparing to recoup losses and move back above $0.15. has announced that Google Pay has been added as a payment method on its app. Users can now make faster and more efficient payments and instantly buy crypto in a few simple steps using Google Pay.

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Google Pay for crypto purchases on has announced the addition of a new, fast way to make payments on its platform. Users can now buy crypto instantly using Google Pay. The platform has rolled out this feature for US nationals and promised to include more countries soon.

The in-app purchase feature will make cryptocurrency accessible to users quickly and securely. Using a payment platform enabled by Google, Android users (mobile, tablet) can pay via their debit or credit card linked to Google Pay. After adding their bank card to Google Pay, users can buy over 250 cryptocurrencies on

It is important to note that the platform charges card processing fees, also for Google Pay users. The following step-by-step process on the website confirms the same:

1. Tap Trade on the app homepage

2. Tap Buy and select a cryptocurrency

3. Under Cash, select Google Pay and tap the Buy button again

4. Check the box to accept the card processing fee and press Continue

5. Press Confirm to complete the purchase

Upon successful purchase, the user’s balance is updated accordingly and transaction history is available on the app.

Netflix suspended by, Spotify benefits recently suspended Netflix and Spotify benefits for its Visa card users, sparking criticism on social media platforms. Cronos price struggled to recoup losses, under selling pressure from the community believing that’s downside is far from over.

Cronos is however on the road to recovery, according to analysts who predicted a return to $0.15 in the short term. Kelvin Maina, analyst and trader, says Cronos is expected to reach its weekly high of $0.14 and break above this level. On the other hand, the CRO uptrend will be invalidated if the prices break below $0.13.

CRO-USDT Price Chart

CRO-USDT Price Chart

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