Covid: the incubation period drops with new variants, after how many days do the first symptoms really appear?

The disease evolves as new variants appear. Here is a new demonstration.

two and a half years of health crisis and the covid continues to unveil its mysteries. While of new variants combined with the arrival of thewinter and at the Back to Schoolraise fears of a prolonged wave up to Christmasthe decline of the sickness helps to understand it better. To analyze it in more depth too. With the sole and unique aim of better understanding its mechanisms in order, finally, to anticipate. Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes.

In this sense, a study published on August 22 on the JAMA Network open platform (online medical journal) by researchers from Peking University (China) confirms that the incubation time from covid is reduced with Omicron. Understand by this, first symptoms of the disease appear much more quickly with Omicron than with the original strain.

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Key factor

According to this study, which is based on 142 publications and more than 8,000 cases, the incubation time with Omicron is only 3.42 days on average, whereas it was 5 days with the Alpha-variant.

Better, this study shows that this famous shortened incubation time as new variants appear. Indeed, the incubation time was 5 days with Alpha, 4.5 days with Beta, 4.41 days with Delta, and 3.42 days with Omicron.

“The results of this study suggest that SARS-CoV-2 evolved and mutated continuously throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, producing variants with increased transmission and virulence”write the authors of the study. “Identifying the incubation period of different variants is a key factor determining the isolation period.

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