Covid, monkeypox, HIV: a man tested positive for the three viruses at the same time

A man tested positive at the same time for three major viruses: Covid, monkeypox and HIV. A first in the world.

This is a unique case in the history of medicine. A 36-year-old Italian was tested positive at the same time for three different viruses : Covid-19, monkeypox and HIV, reports Italian media Sky. The patient would have contracted the diseases during a stay in Spain, between June 16 and 20, 2022.

It was on his return to Italy that the man contracted the first symptoms of covid. He is feverish, tired and his lymph nodes are swollen. He therefore decides to undergo a screening test which turns out to be positive.

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But, the same day, his state of health deteriorates. Rashes begin to appear on his chest, lower extremities, face and buttocks. After three days of pustules spreading, the Italian decides to go to the hospital in Catania, Sicily.

A unique case of triple infection in the world

There, the biological analyzes indicate that he is infected with the monkey pox and still positive for Omicron BA.5 variant. The 30-year-old explains that he had unprotected sex with another man in Spain. The doctors then consider it prudent to submit him to an STI screening.

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The analyzes reveal the recent presence of HIV in his blood. The man reportedly took an HIV test in September 2021 which was negative.

This case of triple infection is unique in the world. The man was able to leave the hospital as soon as the symptoms of Covid and monkeypox disappeared and is now taking triple therapy for HIV.

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