Covid, flu, colds: no more than two boxes of paracetamol, the instructions of the Medicines Agency to avoid out of stock

While 8th wave of covid is sweeping the country, experts warn of a possible double epidemic. Indeed, the flu is back. And according to observers, it should prove particularly formidable this year. As a result, health authorities are calling for vaccinationand even at the double vaccination.

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“Do not stock up”

At the same time, the country is experiencing difficulties in supplying paracetamol.

Indeed, since July, “production difficulties” lined with a “increase in consumption” led to a strain on supplies. In fact, the ANSM “calls on the general public ‘not to stock up on paracetamol unless you need it immediately'”sums up La Provence.

“Depending on your individual situation and your needs, your pharmacist may dispense you a lower quantity of paracetamol than that which appears on your prescription: this is the appropriate dispensation.. The production and deliveries of paracetamol have been adjusted to allow a safe and continuous supply throughout the territory”.

When there is no prescription, pharmacists are thus invited not to issue more than two boxes.

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