Covid and flu: towards a double epidemic this winter, the English are giving the alert

The phenomenon has been dubbed “Twindemic”. Explanations.

L’autumnI arrive. And with it, the fear of a new wave of coronavirus.

Although the indicators have been rising for four weeks, it is still too early to speak of a 8th wave of covid in France. Nevertheless, the first elements suggest that it would be better to prepare for it. With in particular new variants and an vaccination which is idling.

• Last week was the 4th consecutive week with an increase in the number of new positive cases.

• The variant #Omicron BA.5 is still largely in the majority… with its many sub-lineages, the distribution of which is changing.


— Nicolas Berrod (@nicolasberrod) October 9, 2022

H3N2 strain?

But that’s not all. Indeed, the British health agencies (UKHSA and NHS) have alerted to the phenomenon ofepidemic twin who might strike for the first time.

Relatively spared from epidemics of flu since the start of the covid crisisboth virus could indeed spread at the same time. The English baptized this phenomenon “Twindemic”contraction of Twin which means twin and halffor epidemic.

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“The threat of a Covid-19 and flu season creating a ‘double epidemic’ this winter is real”warns the medical director of the National Health Service, Professor Sir Stephen Powis

The resurgence of the coronavirus could indeed be accompanied by an unpredictable flu this year, more severe and more contagious. Several media even mention the H3N2 strain which caused more than 20,000 deaths and double the number of hospitalizations in 2017-2018 in the UK. The solution: the vaccination !

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