Covid: after the brain and the lungs, the virus can attack another organ, scientists give the alert

Three years. It will soon be three years since the health crisis from covid has started. Bringing in its wake consequences of all forms throughout the world. Including many damages.

But while of new variants threaten as winter approaches, scientists continue to discover the ever-evolving disease. This Tuesday, researchers have shown that the virus could attack others organs already known. We already knew that the Covid could leave traces at the level of the brain or some lungs. We now know that it can also cause damage to theintestine. Basically, the Covid can destroy bacteria in the intestine so that other, more dangerous, take their place according to a study published in the online scientific journal Nature.

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It’s hard

“Our results suggest that infection in coronavirus directly interferes with the healthy balance of microbes in the gut, further endangering patients in the process”suggests Ken Cadwell, co-lead author of the study and microbiologist in New York.

“An unhealthy gut makes a person vulnerable to life-threatening diarrhea caused by harmful bacteria like C. difficile”explains the American press agency UPI. “It can also cause other health issues like bloating and acid reflux”.

This study is the first to highlight the direct consequences of Covid on the intestinal microbiome. Until then, scientists believed that the antibiotics used to fight the disease were responsible.

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