Covid – 7th wave: what is this new symptom of the BA.5 variant that strikes during the night and causes sleep disorders?

The new variant, dominating worldwide, is different. Its manifestations too.

While 7th wave surges on the Francethe covid version BA.5 continues to unfold. the new variant – moreover sub-variant ofOmicron – became dominant in the whole world. And scientists are carefully scrutinizing the evolution of the disease.

Like its predecessors since variant Deltais BA.5 even more contagious and less strict ?

If its symptoms are relatively comparable to those of Omicron (fatigue, cough, headache, runny nose, etc.), new manifestations of Covid are becoming known.

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Sleeping troubles

The latest was spotted in Ireland. A discovery relayed in all the media across the Channel and detected by Professor Luke O’Neill, immunologist at Trinity College Dublin: The night sweatsisn’t it strange?” A symptom that manifests itself in adults as in children, and which has nothing to do with the current heat peaks. Breakouts of sweating such that they can give birth to sleeping troubles.

“The disease is different because the virus has changed”according to the words of the Professor included in the columns of The Independent. “This mixture of immune system and of virus slightly different might give rise to a slightly different disease, night sweats being oddly enough a feature”. “But let’s remember that if you get vaccinated, it doesn’t progress to a serious illness. That’s the message people need to keep reminded of.”

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