Controversy over a Supercharger subscription for non-Tesla

Several sources point out was a subscription for non-Tesla. We have identified several clues that confirm the arrival of such a subscription for all EV owners who wish to connect to the Supercharger network. Of course, it will be important for the number of Superchargers open to non-Tesla to increase. FYI, we are at 27 Superchargers stations open to everyone.

An announcement that caused a stir on Twitter

Tesla is working on a new Supercharger membership package that it will offer to owners of non-Tesla electric vehicles as it prepares to open its Supercharger network in the United States.

Important: For the moment the subject is limited to the US but it is interesting to anticipate the global movement which may

Two options under consideration according to this screenshot

  • Pay-as-you-go: Pay as you go, access to Supercharger network
  • Membership: $0.99/month (in US), access to Supercharger network, lower price per kWh.

An opening of the network which must find its model

For the moment the American firm is looking for its model dedicated to non-Tesla. We follow the subject of top-up enough to understand that the Supercharger network is incredibly advanced, in terms of volume but also in terms of quality of service.

The objection of many owners must also make think the teams of the manufacturer who seek to satisfy the greatest number. Overall, several members tell us that the network was decisive in the choice of the vehicle. And also a fear of seeing the expectations of Superchargers multiply.

There is no doubt that the subscription dedicated to non-Tesla will make it possible to promote Tesla owners who could indirectly benefit from a tariff per kWh.

Towards a new offer?

Tesla quickly removed the option from the app, which it likely released prematurely because it still doesn’t have a station in the US open to non-Tesla EVs.

The subscription price of $0.99 will probably not be the final price and was only a replacement value in the unfinished version of the Supercharger subscription in the app.

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