client-side encryption is coming to Workspace accounts

This encryption was expected, as it is already available in Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides. It allows Workspace (paid) account holders direct control of encryption keys.

The function is intended, according to Google, “ businesses that need an extra level of privacy and makes the media indecipherable, including by Google “. All data is concerned: text, audio and video.

Client-side encryption (CSE) initially only works for the web version of Meet, and only for members of the organization. Compatibility with mobile apps, meeting hardware, and guests will come later.

As with Zoom with the arrival of end-to-end encryption, the CSE renders certain functions inoperative, for example noise reduction and subtitles, which run on Google’s servers.

Be careful though, because this novelty is only available, for the moment in any case, in three variants of Workspace: Enterprise Plus, Education Standard and Education Plus.


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