Chrome will judge your passwords and tell you if they suck

Some sites and extensions warn you about the strength or weakness of your password when you set it up. Google Chrome could get started too if we are to believe what developers have found in the source code of the browser.

Google Chrome padlock password
The Google Chrome logo in a padlock // Source: Frandroid

Many websites or browser extensions inform you of the strength of your password when you create it or when you change it. In addition, password managers make it possible to create strong passwords and save them automatically. Google is working on a new feature for its Chrome browser that will indicate the strength of a password typed in by the user.

A password strength indicator coming soon to Chrome

Several experts, such as Leoparda64 on Twitter Where AboutChromebooks informed that Google is working on this new feature, dubbed “password strength indicatorwhich appeared in the latest version of Chrome. The option description states that it “enables the password strength indicator when entering a password during the registration and password change flows“.

Luckily for you, Google won’t judge you every time you type in your password.Pascale75to log into your son’s college website to view his grades. This password strength indicator is expected to arrive on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Fuchsia, and Lacros. To overcome the problem of password complexity, we advise you to use a password manager, which allows you to remember only one strong password to access all the others.

Google prepares the end of passwords

If we can view saved passwords on Chrome, Google is preparing the end of passwords. As Leopardeva64 pointed out on Twitter, another change in Chromium, Chrome’s core, shows that Google is looking at “passkeysa passwordless authentication system that uses biometrics (and other means). A method that Apple or Microsoft are also working on.

A new button named “Manage passkeyshas appeared in Chromium, which allows users to view and manage “passkeysยป stored on the device. Leoparda64 also mentioned an integration of Windows settings.

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