Christophe Galtier after PSG victory in Clermont: “When Leo (Messi) smiles, the team smiles too”

“We were often used to seeing PSG slow down when the team was largely leading. This (Saturday) evening, she kept the intensity throughout the game. Is this the great satisfaction of the evening?
That’s part of the satisfaction, the way we maintained a high pace. We put on the intensity to recover the ball as quickly as possible. I had insisted on this with my staff, I talk about it with the players. It’s very good, it’s only one game left, but it’s good.

We have the impression that the players are having fun on the field. Is this also your feeling?
Football is a game. When you play, you have to have fun. Pleasure can only be present if everyone plays in unison, if we make the effort for each other. The way we attack, the individual quality of these great players means that the technical sequences are very good. There was this desire to all work together. This is something that we still need to develop. We must not have any slack, whatever the match, the score, the opponent.

“Lionel Messi had a difficult season last year, he was getting used to it”

Is it in this role that you expect Messi: to go get the balls, distribute them?
I spoke with Leo during our stay in Japan and with the defensive sector as well to ensure that he can perform well all the time. He has a very sharp, very clear tactical sense. He quickly sees where he has to put himself, the way he positions himself to play, he is in an area he likes. He likes to play with the players around him. When Leo smiles, the team smiles too.

He scored a superb overhead kick. Does it still surprise you despite the years?
Surprised by his gesture? No. I liked the goal. He has been playing at a very high level for 17 years. He had a difficult season last year, he was getting used to it. All seasons before, it was at least 30 goals. From the moment he has made complete preparation, that he has his bearings in terms of his family life and his club, his team and his partners, there is no reason for him not to make a great season. When he will be associated with Kylian (Mbappe), we will have even more offensive power. »


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