Chinese Tesla could be about to launch its first mobile

NIO, one of the best-known electric vehicle manufacturers in China, plans to enter the mobile industry in 2023 with a benchmark smartphone.

Chinese Tesla could be about to launch its first mobile

If Xiaomi has been playing the Apple of China for a long time, in the giant Asian country there is also a local automaker that wants to be like Tesla, and it’s not exactly Lei Jun’s own company that is also preparing its landing in the the electrified and smart car industry.

Here we are already talking about realities, and that is that NIO is a very well-known brand in China and whose catalog we aspire to in many international markets, an expansion that is already being prepared in the Shanghai offices as well as an additional surprise , since the company has just integrated into its structures a new mobile telephony division which should present its first creation to us next year 2023.

Child ET5

Nio’s ET5 model, the great rival of the Tesla Model 3 and BMW i4, among others…

We don’t know if NIO wanted to respond to Xiaomi’s arrival in the automotive industry by preparing its own smartphones, but the truth is that the convergent strategy of these two Chinese companies seems quite curious, which will end up launching both electric cars and smartphones on the market. .

In fact, it is that the registration of NIO Mobile Technologies Co. Ltd with the authorities is official, with the same headquarters in Anting (Shanghai), 100 million dollars of registered capital, 100% ownership reserved for the parent company NIO and with all regulatory requirements already negotiated to start working on your presentation and launch devices.

In the automotive sector, “crossovers” are in the lead, and in the markets it seems that too: if Xiaomi wants to manufacture electric cars, it is now NIO which is considering manufacturing its own smartphones.

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As GizmoChina colleagues told us, the new division is led by Qin Lihong, co-founder and current president of NIO, also following a strategy similar to that of Lei Jun with Xiaomi, who also signs in the first person in the automotive sector. .

Asian sources are already speculating on the first NIO smartphone, which would be presented in 2023 with the intention of being renewed every year and always with a single reference smartphone in the catalog.

The truth is that Xiaomi has made a lot of progress in the field of electric vehicles thanks to its technological advances, and NIO also has enough technology in its highly connected vehicles to bring it to smartphones and turn them into the best accessories for the car itself. , and we already imagine a digital key, a remote control application and much more.

Nio smartphone patent

Details of the file presented by NIO to the Chinese authorities.

As of now, there is no official information about this new division or what devices NIO plans to launch in the mobile market, although its CEO has confirmed that they are interested in preparing a smartphone that will seamlessly integrates into the NIO ecosystem.

We can confirm that if it looks like their vehicles it will be a quality smartphone with a careful design to the maximum, so we will wait for the rumors because surely more information will appear on Weibo soon… Let’s see if they dare in addition to us sell their beautiful cars!

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