change the color of an object with a single tap

Google Photos launches the “Camouflage” function which allows you to change the color of objects

This new feature of Google Photos is pure magic: change the color of an object with a simple tap 20/07/2022 17:01

It was announced during the presentation of the Google Pixel 6a, but the truth is that it went somewhat unnoticed among the deluge of news that Google I/O 2022 left us. Now the object color change function is about to come to Google Photos.

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This is a new tool integrated with the “Magic Eraser” feature, which Google calls “Camouflage”. Thanks to it, it is possible to reduce the saturation of certain objects that appear in the photographs, to prevent them from stealing the spotlight from what is really important.

Google Photos app on Android mobile.

The Google Photos app on an Android smartphone.

Camouflage tool begins to reach Google Photos

Since this is a feature of Google Photos’ “Magic Eraser”, chances are this tool will be exclusive to Pixel devices, at least initially.

Thanks to a tweet posted by Technical Writer Mishaal Rahman, we got to see how this tool works for the first time. You can see how, after selecting an object, it is possible to use the camouflage function to desaturate its colors and prevent them from being distracting.

At the moment the function has not started rolling out, but everything seems to indicate that it will start reaching Google Photos from this Thursday, during the celebration of the global launch of the new Google Pixel 6a.

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Once available, it will start rolling out to Pixel device users along with an update to Google Photos. It’s unclear if it will later be available to other Android users who don’t have a Pixel.

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