full box for Tesla in February

In a market still impacted by the crisis, Tesla is doing well and occupies the first two places in electric car sales in Europe during the month of February. While automobile sales, all categories combined, fell by 5.4% during the month of February with 794,576 units sold, electric vehicles are staying on course. According to … Read more

Why are Teslas so popular?

Tesla is one of the largest electric car manufacturers in the world. Born only 2 decades ago, the firm has managed to establish itself in the ruthless world of the automotive industry. It has also shaken it up by offering vehicles with unique performance and technology. But how did Tesla become popular? From the ultra-confidential … Read more

deliveries start in France

After a first event organized last week at the Giga Berlin, Tesla announces that it has delivered the first copies of the Model Y Performance in France. The fifth Tesla factory in the world, the Berlin-Brandenburg Gigafactory is finally up and running. Announced in 2019, the manufacturer’s first European production site (not counting Tilburg) has … Read more

The Tesla Model 3 soon out of stock?

The manufacturer Tesla announces that deliveries of its Model 3 will not resume until 2023, due to lack of stock. If you wanted to to offer a Tesla Model 3 this year, it could be more complicated than expected. The American manufacturer is victim of its success. And especially market difficulties. Some Tesla Model 3 … Read more