“All of the patients went into remission, without severe side effects” – Liberation

The use of the antibody dostarlimab has enabled 18 patients with colorectal cancer to achieve a cure, according to a study published Sunday in the United States. Jean-Baptiste Bachet, oncologist at Pitié-Salpêtrière, deciphers the advances that this therapy can offer. A revolutionary clinical trial? Published Sunday in the New England Journal of Medicine, a clinical … Read more

has there been human-to-human transmission of the monkeypox virus since 2017?

The first results genetic analysis of the strain of the smallpox from the monkey collected in Portugal revealed that the strain which infected 780 people outside Africa was, at the time of writing, phylogenetically related to that of 2017-2019, isolated in Singapore, Israel in Nigeria and the United Kingdom . Today, two specialists in virus … Read more

Pale-skinned people are more vulnerable to migraines, study finds

In Poland, researchers observed an increased risk of migraine in those who had lightly pigmented skin. Not everyone is equally vulnerable to migraines. And, a recent study points to an unexpected contributing factor. In Poland, researchers found that the risk of developing a migraine increased in adults with lightly pigmented skin. These findings were published … Read more