Top 9 Effects of Orgasm on the Body Other than Feeling Good

Yes ! That’s it ! Finally you are there! Whether solo, or with one or more partners, orgasm hits your buddy with a bouquet of flowers and a plethora of other effects on your body. Welcome to the world where pleasure is king, where the desire to cuddle is queen, where logic takes a vacation. … Read more

Martinique records first case of monkeypox

In a press release released this Friday, July 15, the Martinique Regional Health Agency informs that a person with mild symptoms, compatible with infection with monkeypox has been identified on the island. Cases of monkey pox or “Monkeypox” are increasing around the world. France is also affected. More than 300 cases have been recorded in … Read more

Main causes and how to stop it

If you often feel tired after eating, you’re probably wondering if there’s something you should avoid or eat specifically to boost your energy. Feeling drowsy after a meal is a common problem that many people experience after lunch (hence the name “afternoon fatigue”). This is also the time of day when cravings for sugar and … Read more

Complicated summer holidays: the 8th wave is planned for the start of the next school year, according to an expert

The Covid has been infecting more and more people since the end of June 2022. Specialists believe that by the start of the school year, things will get even worse. Asked about this subject, the infectiologist Denis Malvy offered clear and clear answers. According to his words, summer holidays will be complicated. A new wave … Read more

These vegetables and fruits that lower blood pressure in 12 weeks

A randomized clinical study shows that a high intake of plants rich in nitrates lowers blood pressure in hypertensive patients. We already know about nitrates (NO3–) and nitrites (NO2–). They are added to meats to prevent the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, including the dangerous Clostridium botulinum, the causative agent of botulism. These nitrate-rich vegetables that … Read more

these testosterone booster foods

THE ESSENTIAL Testosterone is essential for sperm maturation. This hormone also induces an increase in muscle mass. Testosterone is a hormone secreted by the testicles and causes the appearance of male sexual characteristics according toHealth Insurance. But it also has an impact on muscle mass, the production of red blood cells and even bone density. … Read more

The Nordic diet improves cholesterol and blood sugar

New research is exploring the health benefits of the so-called Nordic diet. Researchers studied the health effects of a Healthy Nordic Diet (HND) using metabolic analysis. They found that this diet had a positive effect on glucose metabolism, cholesterol, and cardiometabolic risk. They conclude that metabolic analysis is an effective way to assess the results … Read more

Mosquitoes are attracted to these colors!

Every summer, there are those who are devoured by mosquitoes and those who survive. For scientists, there are three main reasons for this apparent injustice. ” I used to say that there are three major signals that attract mosquitoes: your breathing, your sweat and your skin temperature. In this study, we identified a fourth signal … Read more