contact cards become (a bit) less dull

Google is starting to deploy some small new features on Android 13’s contact cards. These now benefit from an accent color, but also from a slight reorganization. Contact cards become a little less dull in Android 13 // Source: Google Without being particularly elegant, the contact cards of Android 13 and 12 become a little … Read more

New logo unveiled for Google health app

The redesigned logo was spotted in the Wear OS app files.It’s unclear when Google Fit will officially adopt the new design, but it suggests the fitness app will co-exist with Fitbit for the long term. Google could therefore show renewed interest in its internal health monitoring platform. The fitness tracker app is getting a minor … Read more

Google Engineer Says His AI Has Human Emotions

Blake Lemoine, a Google engineer, recently described Google’s artificial intelligence tool called LaMDA as “one person.” He mentioned having had a series of conversations with LaMDA, and that the computer described himself as a sensitive person. Credits: Unsplash Blake Lemoine, a senior software engineer who works in Google’s Responsible AI organization, told the Washington Post … Read more

Google pays 118 million USD to settle a class action lawsuit for gender discrimination

Google has agreed to pay $118 million to settle a class action lawsuit accusing the group of discriminating against women in pay and rank in California, two law firms said. The agreement covers approximately 15,500 employees who have worked in California since September 2013, details a press release released Friday evening by Lieff Cabraser Heimann … Read more