How bitcoin (BTC) will hit $14 million

What is the good value of bitcoin? $100,000, $500,000, $1,000,000? $14,000,000? Answering this question amounts to asking what it could replace. $14 million bitcoin There are many reservoirs of value that will eventually be swallowed up by bitcoin. Foremost among which is the barbarian relic. Gold represents 11 trillion dollars. Transferring all of this value … Read more

Bitcoin Whale: Coinbase and BlackRock Negotiate Bitcoin Deal

It was Thursday, August 4 that the two companies unveiled their new offer, which targets all the wealthy institutions in the region. The offer will also be rolled out through Aladdin, BlackRock’s end-to-end investment management platform, giving direct access to cryptos, starting with bitcoin, thanks to connectivity with Coinbase Prime. Blackrock is going to give … Read more

Messari prophesies the slow but inevitable death of Ethereum Classic (ETC)

A hijacking of minors in progress? – The approach of the famous “The Merge” on Ethereum continues to fuel the discussions of enthusiasts. Between miners, developers, fans and observers: everyone has their own prognosis and his appreciation. Fork, not fork, revolution, tragedy: difficult to see clearly anyway Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of the blockchain, adds … Read more

Report Shows Cryptocurrency Startups Raised $30.3 Billion in H1 2022, Surpassing Total Raised in 2021

While cryptocurrency markets performed poorly in the first two quarters of 2022, a recently released fundraising report by Messari researchers indicates that $30.3 billion was raised by projects. and cryptocurrency startups in the first half of 2022. The $30.3 billion raised through 1,199 funding rounds exceeds all funding startups and blockchain projects have secured in … Read more

Ethereum competitor Avalanche sees a 15% surge as NFTs on the network gain popularity

Avalanche (AVAX) leads in gains among the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. AVAX, the currency that powers the layer-1 blockchain, gained 14.18% and saw a 23% surge in trading volume over the past 24 hours. The coin is currently trading at around $29.3, according to data from Coingecko. Despite jumping 25% in the past … Read more

Bitcoin, ether (Ethereum)… cryptocurrencies are resisting the good employment figures: the Stock Exchange Council

Bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH, Ethereum) are resisting quite well, like other risky assets (equities in particular), the good employment figures unveiled last Friday in the United States (good health of the labor market, which supports the idea of ​​fairly rapid monetary tightening by the Fed). At more than $24,000 at the time of writing, … Read more