Vitalik Buterin’s Mother Shares Tips for Success in the Crypto Industry

The mother of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin offered advice for people looking to succeed in the crypto industry. During an interview with CoinDesk, Buterin’s mother, Natalia Ameline, offered her thoughts on the crypto industry and the best way to succeed. In July 2017, Natalia Ameline co-founded Crypto Chicks, a startup that attempts to empower women … Read more

Crypto, Virtual Wallet: Meta’s Entire Payment Project Collapsed

Novi, which Facebook introduced as Calibra in 2019, will shut down. The failure of Meta’s payment division is now total. In 2019, Facebook thought it had found its “next big thing”. Confident of itself thanks to numerous partnerships with large groups, Mark Zuckerberg’s company announced Libra, the “currency of the future”. Facebook dreamed of creating … Read more

Coinbase arrives in France and in various European countries

Coinbase outlined the steps it is taking to expand in Europe to drive new user and revenue growth and particularly in France. The San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange is in the process of registering in markets including Italy, Spain, France and the Netherlands, said Nana Murugesan, vice president of international and business development from Coinbase, in … Read more

In France, the crypto industry is resisting the market crisis well

By Ingrid Vergara Posted 3 hours ago, Update 3 hours ago The crypto industry in France continues to recruit. Paishn Sangiamsri/paisan1leo – This new bearish cycle is even experienced by the most promising players as an opportunity. The sharp drop in cryptocurrency prices does not really impress the most promising companies in the crypto … Read more