carbon tracking software funded by Google and Microsoft

FlexiDAO has received investments of $6.5 million from Google and Microsoft for its carbon tracking software. This would allow businesses to become carbon-free 24/7.

All towards 100% carbon-free energy

Most organizations today are committed to using completely decarbonized energy. Therefore, the FlexiDAO service, through its carbon tracking software, allows them to switch to 100% certifiable carbon-free energy 24/7. Indeed, this platform tracks the carbon content of a company’s energy to help it fully transition to renewable energy. Moreover, Microsoft and Google are already customers. Today, FlexiDAO has secured funding from a group of investors including Google, Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund, SET Ventures and EIT InnoEnergy. And this, simply in order to develop this new FlexiDAO software. The amount disbursed reached 6.5 billion dollars.

And why FlexiDAO?

In addition to the problem of accounting packages, the variable sources also arise as a concern for carbon-free energy. By the way, renewable energy comes from a variety of sources including wind and solar. However, this does not correspond to the use of a data center hour by hour. That said, if companies buy the energy that meets their needs over the year, they pose a problem for the network. The reason is that the demand remains stable while the sources are variable. Consequently, the network is obliged to find other sources in order to meet their demand during peak hours.

It is then for this reason that companies are encouraged to buy energy through APP 24/7. With it, the energy consumption will be compensated hour by hour by renewable energies. That’s where FlexiDAO comes in. It says its software tracks electricity and its carbon footprint every hour of the day. Thus, it provides customers with the transparency they desire.

Microsoft and Google are funding the project

Maud Texier, the global head of clean energy development at Google confirmed these remarks. According to him, the use of carbon-free energy requires new abilities that track how the carbon-free electricity produced matches what is consumed. “We are very excited about the value that partnering with FlexiDAO will bring to Google and the energy transition. “, did he declare.

Microsoft Climate Flood Fund Director, Brandon Middaught share this opinion. According to him, to achieve the 100% carbon-free goal that Microsoft has set itself, it will undoubtedly need the innovative solutions like FlexiDAO. These can, he says, help to reliably track and verify carbon-free energy consumption.

The investment will therefore help FlexiDAO to expand your platform to the United States and Europe. Of course, the market is still quite large given that a third of the largest companies in the world have net zero targets.

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