Cancer: a possible vaccine “before 2030”, according to BioNTech

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BioNTech scientists have announced that they are working on a vaccine capable of curing cancer patients. According to them, it could be available “before 2030”.

After Covid-19, a cancer vaccine? The couple of scientists behind the Covid-19 vaccine BioNTech announced on Sunday October 16 that they are working on a vaccine capable of curing cancer.

Ugur Sahin and Özlem Türeci, explained to the BBC that the work carried out on messenger RNA had served them to deepen their research on cancer. “We have a number of breakthroughs and we will continue to work on them,” they said.

“In Our Strings”

“What we have developed for decades for the development of cancer vaccines has been the driving force behind the development of the Covid-19 vaccine, and now the Covid-19 vaccine and the experience that we have gained during of its development are a service to our cancer work,” they added.

According to them, the vaccine would work in the image of that of Covid-19, that is to say that a genetic instruction code would be sent to a cell of the tumor so that it produces an antigen or a protein. . “We believe that a cure for cancer, or at least to change the lives of cancer patients, is within our reach,” they said. In their sights: bowel cancer, melanoma but also other types of tumors.

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