“Camavinga and Tchouaméni? The Real Madrid jersey is heavy”

After Real Madrid’s victory against Almeria in La Liga, Carlo Ancelotti spoke at Movistar’s microphone and then at a press conference.

A lack of freshness
“We started the game badly, we complicated this game. It was difficult. We didn’t have enough physical freshness or speed up front because they closed the spaces well. It was difficult to score. had more control and more chances in the second, we also took advantage of their fatigue.”

Camavinga and Tchouameni
“Rudiger played a good match for me, but he has experience. As for the youngsters, they haven’t shown the quality they have, the one you see in training. This jersey is heavy, it’s “It’s normal. They are very young. It’s a price that you have to pay and that you do with pleasure. I removed Camavinga because he already had a card. I didn’t want to finish at 10. “

Toni Kroos in low point
“He also plays very well in this position, he manages it well. It’s different, he has a style other than Casemiro’s. But he directs the game well, that’s why I positioned him in this position. job.”

“Initially, Benzema or Toni had to take the free kick but Davide (his deputy son) told me to leave it to Alaba. It was not easy to tell Karim and Toni (laughs) .”

The first minutes of Hazard
“I don’t know (Hazard in the middle), I have to think about it. We have to take into account that Vinicius likes his lane. He provoked his right-back a lot today despite having very tight spaces. When he came in, Hazard has been good, he is training well and I believe he will have some playing time this season.”

Asensio did not play…
“As I said before, Asensio is a Real Madrid player and as long as he is, I would consider him that way and he will play. We must not forget his last season, his playing time and his goals. He is an important player but we have to wait until August 31 and we will see what will happen to his future.”

The importance of Vazquez
“He is part of this group of players who are always ready to play, who accept the bench also to help the team. He is always professional and has a good attitude.”

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