Breaking: Kraken under federal investigation for violating US embargo on Iran

New legal blow that shakes one of the historical pillars of the crypto ecosystem. The American platform Kraken is under federal investigation. At stake, the possible violation of the US embargo imposed on Iran.

After similar accusations concerning Binance a few weeks ago, it is today the turn of the US crypto platform Kraken to be the subject of an investigation and to pass on the grill of the American federal authorities.

The information comes from the very serious NY Times. The newspaper reports that this reference exchange weighing 11 billion dollars would have offered services of sale and purchase of crypto assets to Iranian nationals, despite the very strict embargo policy applied by the United States. United with the Islamic Republic.

These elements are reported as coming from 5 different sources in close proximity to the case, although at the time of writing, neither Kraken nor the legal authorities have yet confirmed or commented on the information from the NY Times.

A decidedly complicated week on the legal and regulatory grounds, even though we also learned a few hours ago that Coinbase was under investigation by the SEC for illicit trading in unregistered securities.

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