BMW iX1: a major competitor for the Tesla Model Y?

BMW iX1: a major competitor for the Tesla Model Y?

The BMW iX1 is the new version 100% electric of the BMW X1, the compact SUV of the German firm. With a range of 438 km (WLTP), an assertive design and a length of 4.50 meters, it is positioned as a direct competitor (although a little more compact) of the Tesla Model Y produced in the Berlin factory. -Brandenburg.

If we already knew most of its technical characteristics such as a power of 230 kW (313 hp), the presence of 4-wheel drive and a 130 kW fast charge, a major unknown remained, its price.

A (too) premium price

BMW has finally decided to reveal the painful, and it honors its reputation as a premium manufacturer since the iX1 in its basic finish is offered from €55,150. For comparison, the thermal BMW X1 starts at €39,900, an abysmal gap of €15,250 which is no doubt explained by the high cost of the batteries. But you should know that this positioning is also superior to that of the competition, the Model Y being offered in rear-wheel drive from €49,990 with a similar range of 430 km.

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