Blockchain and crypto, the other face of Biarritz

Supported by the Cluster Pays Basque Digital and more than a hundred players, the Basque Country has succeeded in obtaining the French Tech label and at the same time integrating this great community, on May 4, 2020. An initiative which aims to strengthen and expand the ecosystem of startups present in the region by developing events and projects designed for and with entrepreneurs.

“The Basque Country is a land of values, traditions and innovations. We are therefore on a fertile territory linked to the earth. It is with great honor that the French Tech Basque Country will strive to create a “community” dynamic that encourages positive innovation to give meaning to the economic growth of businesses in the territory”, supports the French Tech Pays Basque collective.

Following this integration, Biarritz therefore embarked on the wave of tech, in order to develop local innovations. Although the first initiatives are not new, like the Izarbel technology park (created in 1995) consisting of an incubator, several laboratories and nearly a hundred companies, the region’s startups are now part of a real ecosystem that wishes to shine both nationally and internationally. internationally.

It is with this objective that the French Tech Basque Country has decided to set up a summer partnership with Galeries Lafayette in Biarritz. The goal? Introduce local startups and their products to the general public.

Among the promising sectors in which start-ups in the Basque Country are positioning themselves, we find, without too much surprise: surfing. And those who have chosen this path are promising, such as Wyve and its custom-made surfboards made by 3D printing, Salty Design and its furniture inspired by the world of surfers or the experience offered by Virtual Surf, a virtual reality simulator of the best waves on Earth. Suffice to say that the assets that make the reputation of the Basque Country and Biarritz have inspired entrepreneurs!

Biarritz, a flagship location for blockchain and crypto this summer

The summer will be hot and busy for lovers of new technologies who stay in the Basque Country. In Biarritz, this summer, the blockchain is in the spotlight through two events. The first, NFT Biarritz, will be held on August 24. Designed by two biarrots -residents of Biarritz- of origin, Franck and Damien Dupont, this one aims to raise public awareness of NFTs while decentralizing this type of event in the French capital.

The days will be busy at the Connector, in the 2000 square meter room that has been chosen to host the event. Between the many conferences and the fifty speakers who will be present, the round tables, the art exhibitions (physical or virtual), but also the distribution, in preview of “The Burnt Auction, behind the scene”, a documentary film retracing the first hammer auction of NFT, in the presence of the director Patrice Masini, visitors will not be idle!

The Surfin’Bitcoin will take over at the Biarritz casino from August 25 to 27. Its ambition: to democratize cryptocurrencies, and especially bitcoin, to a public that deserves to be made aware of this subject.

If you like surfing and cryptocurrencies or you are simply curious to know more about the blockchain, Biarritz awaits you with open arms this summer.

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