Bitcoin Changes Lives – Activists Address Letter to US Congress

” Nope monetary colonialism! » – The cryptocurrency donations have allowed theUkraine to buy a lot of war material to face the Russian attack. This fact is one of the examples presented by pro-crypto activists in a letter to Congress.

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US Congress urged to believe in crypto technology

First, it is a group of more than 20 international activists who has just sent an open letter to members of the American Congress. This letter invites the leaders of the Congress to adopt a “responsible” crypto policy.

Next, this letter is a direct response to a letter submitted on June 1, 2022 to Congress by a group of 1,500 technologists (computer scientists and engineers). She urges members to adopt a “ critical and skeptical approach” towards the crypto industry. Indeed, according to these technicians, blockchain technology is a “solution in search of a problem”. It therefore does not necessarily allow a form of financial inclusion.

The US Congress

Conversely, supporters who signed the response letter argue that blockchain technology plays a essential role. It helps maintain the democratic resistance. It fills the gaps left by financial institutions.

Furthermore, the letter claims that cryptocurrencies are favorable to countries plagued byauthoritarianism et al‘inflation. In this regard, she takes Cuba, Afghanistan and the Venezuela. Also, a Ukrainian activist said Bitcoin directly helped raise funds for soldiers in the fight against Russia.

Finally, proponents are convinced that cryptocurrencies could change things:

“For most Westerners, the horrors of monetary colonialism, misogynistic financial policy, frozen bank accounts, remittance businesses and the inability to connect to the global economy might be distant ideas. »

For now, the US Congress did not come out in favor of either of these letters.

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