Bitcoin: a new Visa card on the Lightning Network thanks to Strike

Lightning-fast BTC payments – Nowadays, the Bank card has become the most commonly used means of payment, due to its speed and his ease. If cards based on crypto accounts have existed for a few years, it is this time on the Lightning Network (LN) of Bitcoin (BTC) than theStrike app brings a payment card in CB format.

Easier BTC payments with the Strike Card

The network Lightning is the solution of second layer (layer 2) of Bitcoin. It relieves the main network of day-to-day micro-transactions, while providing instant transactions and almost cost-free.

The app Strike of Jack Mallers (lr CEO) is one of the crypto projects that helps to democratize the Lightning Network as much as possible, by facilitating its use. Latest good news: the company announcement the launch of its own Visa card, the Strike Cardin order to fluidify always payments in BTC:

“The Strike Card has arrived! (…) Now you can take Strike anywhere and earn rewards on your daily spend. Join the waitlist in your Strike app for early access, while you wait for the map to roll out to everyone.
Now you can deposit directly, get paid in Bitcoin, buy Bitcoin, send and receive money with your friends, spend your money everywhere with Apple Pay and Google Pay (…)”

Strike announces the launch of its own Visa card, the Strike Card, in order to always streamline Bitcoin payments.
Announcing the launch of the Strike Card – Source: Twitter

Strike’s great adventure therefore continues, helping to popularize more bitcoin and its Lightning Network. A few months ago, in April 2022, its association with Shopifya giant of e-commerce sites, made it possible to offer theBTC payment option on the many merchant sites of the latter.

Before spending your bitcoins with the Strike card, you must fill your wallet! Register without delay on the crypto exchange platform reference FTX. In addition, you benefit from a lifetime reduction on your trading fees (commercial link, see conditions on official website).

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