Best Google One Star Reviews Of Cardinal Stadium

As the season draws closer and closer, we can’t help but dream of the many tailgates and fun times to come at Cardinal Stadium. I am certainly no exception. Although I miss getting the paper subscriptions in the mail, I was no less excited when I received mine by email last week. And even though we don’t have our first home game until Week 3 this season, that hasn’t stopped me from dusting off my tailgate gear in the garage and seeing which shirts I’m too big for this year.

But one can only do so much tailgate prep and self-shame in these last few weeks without college football, so I decided to read a little about my favorite home away from home; Cardinal Stadium. Of course, wikipedia, and even have excellent writings on installation. But what I really wanted to do was reminisce about the good times by reading first-hand accounts from people who have visited “The Oven” (is it still called that?). So I went to the purest forum on the World Wide Web…google reviews.

While it’s great to read the raving five star reviews and experiences, what brought me the most joy were the one star reviews.


Like this to start:

2022 08 09 11u Kleki 1

I mean, they’re probably not wrong. Why don’t we have a living cardinal mascot? I guess it probably has something to do with it being illegal in all 50 states to hold a cardinal captive. But if I am an ornithologist expecting real cardinals, I leave disappointed.

2022 08 09 11t Kleki 1

No question that this is not the game of Indiana State 2018. Also, totally the fault of UdeL for the rain.

2022 08 09 11t Kleki 2

P People have long said that the Cardinal Stadium is the “Monaco of the South”.

2022 08 09 11t Kleki

I would be disappointed if I hadn’t been either.

2022 08 09 125 Kleki


2022 08 09 11s Kleki




2022 08 09 11u Kleki

Some people are still upset that Dad can’t do burnout in his Camaro anymore.

2022 08 09 11r Kleki 2

Ok, that’s probably fair and accounts for 90% of the one star reviews. But listening to the post-game show as it takes two hours to drive out of the parking lot is only part of the charm.

2022 08 09 11q Kleki

If someone makes a candle called “loser” that smells like stale beer and roasted German nuts, I’ll invest.

2022 08 09 11r Kleki 1

Fans leaving because their favorite team is being blown up and their coach is about to be fired? Ridiculous.

2022 08 09 11r Kleki

I couldn’t have ended this post better myself, Carl.

See you all at the stadium early enough.

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