Bercy, Google and Capgemini’s AI identifies more than 20,000 swimming pools not declared to the tax authorities

The General Directorate of Public Finances announced to AFP that “ Innovative land », the artificial intelligence detection system for undeclared swimming pools, will be extended to the whole of France.

Developed in partnership with the consulting firm Capgemini and Google, it would have made it possible to recover 10 million euros in the nine departments where it was tested last year.

BFM Éco notes that “ more than 20,000 swimming pools had in fact not been declared, i.e. 5.7% of the total number of swimming pools “, that is “ just under 500 euros on average per taxpayer » penalized.

The DGFiP considers that “ gains in local direct taxes should reach nearly 40 million euros in 2023 », for an estimated cost of 24 million euros over 2021-2023.

A figure set to increase, the tax authorities now considering using the system to identify verandas and other undeclared buildings.


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