Benzema’s strong words on Cristiano Ronaldo

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It was an obviously expected coronation, after his huge season concluded with a victory in the Champions League. Real Madrid’s French star Karim Benzema has won the UEFA Player of the Year trophy. A coronation on which the attacker returned to the microphone of the Spanish press. “Now, at 34, I’m better, I’m playing better. It’s true that on a personal level it was the best season of my career, but one thing hasn’t changed: I go on the pitch thinking about what I have to do to win the match, I think about the team, not me. »

A Karim Benzema who also praised Carlo Ancelotti, the coach who made a winning return to Madrid. “He is one of the best coaches in the world that I have had. I remember Mourinho and ‘Zizou’, who did monumental things in Madrid… but Ancelotti left, he came back as the last coach on the market and we won the Super Cup, La Liga and the League of Champions. He’s someone who in the halftime of matches gives us the confidence to come back with the desire to turn the situation around. »

Benzema will never reach the numbers of Cristiano Ronaldo

Finally, Karim Benzema spoke about his relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo. By explaining his heritage but also by being clear that catching up with the exploits of the Portuguese legend would be mission impossible.

“Cristiano helped me a lot, with him I had another role and when he left I knew I could take a step forward by scoring goals, but still playing football. What has changed since then is my goal tally, but I continue to play the way I think we should. The numbers mean I’m not far from Real Madrid legends, and that gives me confidence, even though I know it’s impossible to match Cristiano’s numbers. I do everything on the pitch to help the team win. The numbers are not the most important. »

to summarize

Karim Benzema, who won the UEFA best player of the season trophy, spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo in front of the press. With strong words since the French striker felt that his exploits were impossible to achieve.

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