Baidu, the Chinese Google, unveils its first quantum computer


The famous Asian search engine Baidu is investing in the quantum computing market by presenting Qianshi, a machine equipped with a 10-qubit processor.

A new player is seeking to gain market share in the field of quantum computing, a technology that is supposed to make powerful supercomputers outdated with increased computing power. At the Quantum Create 2022 conference in Beijing, the Chinese firm Baidu, known for its search engine, unveiled its first quantum computer on Thursday. Called Qianshi, it embeds a 10-qubit processor. Baidu, which has also developed a 36-qubit quantum chip, plans to make it available to external users, reports Reuters.

According to research firm IDC, governments and businesses will invest some $16.4 billion in quantum computing by the end of 2027. US tech giant IBM, which developed quantum processors with 127 qubits, plans to develop and market a quantum computer with more than 4,000 qubits by 2025. As for the Alphabet subsidiary, Googlethe American web giant also plans to develop such a machine, but with 1 million qubits by the end of this decade.

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