authorities accuse Google of distorting competition to create a monopoly in the advertising market

(Agence Ecofin) – In 2021, France ordered Google to pay a fine of 220 million euros. The group had favored its own services in the online advertising sector, which had caused the loss of sales of advertising space to the media. South Africa reacts in turn.

In South Africa, the competition commission accuses Google of unfair competition in the advertising sector. The institution accused the web giant of doing so to secure a monopoly, after examining the local advertising market for more than a year.

The regulator notably accuses Google of using its search engine, Google Chrome, present by default on many brands of mobile devices, to guide people seeking to advertise to its own offers. The commission also asked Google to rank among its advertising offerings the ability for its customers to pay to have its platform appear first when certain words are searched for. For the regulator, this priority listing offer is a roundabout way of advertising.

This is not the first time that Google has been accused of unfair competition in the online advertising sector. France, Belgium and the United States have repeatedly sanctioned Google for this type of practice. In South Africa, the competition regulator has not yet announced its decision on possible financial penalties.

Servan Ahougnon


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