Your bitcoins on an anonymous Mastercard – the revolutionary idea of ​​Edge

The payment war rages on – The arrival of cryptocurrencies in the financial landscape has triggered a cold war between payment systems. Banks, specialized companies and card issuers of all kinds are sharpening their weapons in the shadow of a supposedly sluggish market. And lately, it must be recognized that the American company Mastercard stands … Read more

the rival of the Tesla Model 3 will arrive in 2026

The future VW sedan is gradually being revealed. The Trinity project should result in a probable ID.4 within four years. Since last year, Volkswagen has signaled its intention to invest in the electric sedan segment. True preserve of the Tesla Model 3, this slippery terrain does not attract car manufacturers. Audi and Mercedes have certainly … Read more

Here’s why you shouldn’t ignore Web3: increased privacy and guaranteed ownership!

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Thanks to Web 3, cryptocurrencies will come to be recognized as more than just an investment or payment mechanism. Bitcoin casinos are an illustration of how cryptocurrencies are used in the online gaming industry. From Web1 to Web3 We have come a long way in decentralizing data. From Web1 to … Read more

Google Sprinkles Top Cloud Security Researchers With Kudos And Money

Over $300,000 was given away in GCP prizes in 2021 Ethical hackers have earned over $300,000 after discovering various flaws in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The top seven responsibly disclosed vulnerabilities that qualified through GCP’s Vulnerability Reward Program (VRP) last year raked in a total of $313,337, with the winner taking home $133,337. Google said … Read more

USDT (Tether) is now available on Tezos

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Tether price (USDT): what is the current price? Here is the live price of Tether. Tezos x USDT 😱 This is the announcement of the week for the Tezos blockchain! The stablecoin Tether ($USDT) announces its entry on the Tezos blockchain, opening the doors to DeFi and much more to … Read more