The Top 5 banks investing in cryptos – There is a French girl!

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn According to analytics firm Blockdata, 13 of the world’s leading banks have invested nearly $3 billion in cryptocurrency and blockchain startups so far. Here is the Top 5. 1) Standard Chartered: $380 million invested The Ripple blockchain network, whose coin XRP has a market capitalization of nearly $16 billion, is … Read more

BYD makes Tesla blush

After three years as the world’s most popular battery-powered car maker, Tesla has in recent days been forced to return that crown to one of the industry’s lesser-known but most feared brands: China’s BYD, present in Tunisia for almost a year. Half-year sales figures released on Tuesday showed BYD – short for “Build Your Dreams” … Read more

ECB calls for regulation of stablecoins and Defi, without ruling out prohibition of proof-of-work mining

A new report from the European Central Bank (ECB), presented as a “deep dive into the financial risks of cryptocurrencies“, calls for regulation and monitoring “appropriate” stable currencies and decentralized finance (defi). She also touches on the hot topic of bitcoin’s carbon footprint in Europe, suggesting that a ban on proof-of-work mining is likely. The … Read more

comfort improves with a simple update

Our colleagues at Elektrek report that the Tesla 2022.20 update adds a welcome feature to compatible vehicles. A “Comfort” option now appears in the suspension settings. When active, this option dynamically adjusts the shock absorbers based on a scan of the road. Enough to soften potholes and other types of road damage that can reduce … Read more